Line up Reinsurers based on Cedants preference.

Discuss on Terms and Conditions of the Covers in place.

Written Line and Signed line confirmations.

Proper follow up on Documentation including PPW.

Statement of Account and Proper Quarterly settlements including Cash Loss.

Improve the Turn Around Time (TAT) in all aspects especially the Financial transactions.


Industrial All Risk and Property All Risks including Business Interruption.

Marine & Energy Risks.

Construction / Erection Risks.

Liability – Professional Indemnity / CGL / Product Liability, Product Recall /Director’s & Officers’ (or Management) Liability.

Speciality Lines – Cancellation of Event / Standalone Terrorism.


Lining up Reinsurers for your Proportional & Non proportional covers.

Reinsurers for Quoting and for following market placements.

Analysis of Treaty Terms with Renewal terms offered.

Suggestion for optimising Reinsurance spend.

Suggestion for Layering.

Suggestion for Whole A/c Quota share and other proportional Covers placements.


Analysis of current Profiles & Statistics.

Analysis of Current XL protections and proportional placements.

Suggesting Treaty structure for Reinsurers in growth path. i.e. Gradually increasing the capacity in line with Profiles.

Overall approach to Retro based on Claims experience.